Hi There, I’m Virginia.

And I’m on a mission to quit the day job in the next 18 months.

Journey to Financial

Hello 🙂

I’m Virginia a blogger based in the Middle East looking to attain financial freedom.

I currently work a full-time job as a call center agent and to be honest I do like my job.

But the desire to become a digital nomad is getting stronger by the day.

And I’ve been so scared of getting started that time and time again I’ve pushed it back trying to ignore it.

I’ve let the voice of fear time and time again talk me into holding off on my dream.

“Why do you want to risk losing your job for this idea of starting a blog business?”

But then again, why would I keep denying myself a dream that I haven’t even tried to work hard on?

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and commit right here to make sure I don’t back out.

As well as to offer encouragement to the person reading this.

Your dream is not as far fetched as you imagine.

Taking the first step is all that you need to make it come true.

How I can help you

I’m starting my journey from scratch meaning there will be a lot of learning going on.

The topics I’m focusing on are mainly personal finance and building online businesses.

Which means if this is an area that interests you, you’ll definitely find some useful tips.

My challenge to you

If you have a dream you are currently holding onto, I dare you to take action today.

The first step is always the hardest but you shouldn’t let that hold you back.

Here’s how you can take action today;

  1. Send me an email and tell me what’s keeping you from getting started
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  3. Join the 100 days challenge if you want to commit to working daily on your dream.

Are you ready to get started?