14 Plainly Obvious Signs It’s Time To Clearly Consider Quitting Your Job

How do you know it’s time to seriously consider quitting your job?

Do you wait for a sign from the universe?

Or are the signs there you just haven’t noticed them?

Today we are going to have a look at some undeniable signs that may prove it’s about time you started making preparations to quitting that boring desk job.

1. You constantly bored

The more intense the boredom you experience is, the faster you need to consider quitting your job.

Because if you are bored out of your mind all the time, then that clearly shows that the work is not as fulfilling as it’s supposed to be.

2. You talk about starting a business all the time

Whether it’s in the company of family or friends, you find yourself discussing business.

You’ll basically talk someone’s ear off when given the chance to dissect a trending business idea or something you are curious to start like a blog business.

3. There’s no future

You are 100% positive that in five years you will not be working for that company.

And if there’s no future then there definitely will be no growth.

Why even try when you know you will be leaving the moment you get a better opportunity?

4. No chance for growth

Initially when you start a new job, you go in with the intention of climbing the corporate ladder.

And even though you intend to start something of your own eventually, it never hurts to climb up the corporate ladder while you bid your time.

But if you’ve been sticking it out for a while hoping that the big man will give you a chance to shine and it hasn’t happened, take it a sign.

5. Poor Health

This can be either mentally, physically or emotionally.

And if your health is suffering in any way then you should really get yourself out of there.

A job that affects your health is really not something you should be holding on to no matter how badly you need to get those bills paid.

6. The company mission or vision doesn’t match your values

Ideally you want to work with a company that aligns somewhat with the values that you stand for.

If you value family but your job tends to keep you away from them most of the time, then it doesn’t add up.

7. Browsing business ideas

Constantly browsing blogs, YouTube videos and any information you can get your hands on about business is a big tell.

And if the majority of that browsing is done while you are at work, sis you need to quit.

Put that information into action and start building your business.

8. You feel like you have no control

When friends plan a spontaneous trip or get together, you are never available.

You either have a pending deadline or your company will not grant you the day off on such short notice.

Which means you’ll always feel like your work life is taking over your personal life.

And you know if you were to quit, your time would be YOUR TIME.

9. Subconsiously stashing money away

Sometimes our souls catch on faster than we do.

Before I firmly decided I was gonna quit, I found myself stashing away extra cash every month.

This is another good sign that you need to take a different direction.

10. Not what you were hired for

I’m not a big fan of handling extra responsibilities that have nothing to do with my job title.

Especially when it happens continuously and without some sort of compensation.

If this is happening to you, it’s a sign to start considering your options.

11. You ‘drooling’ on social media

I’m guilty of doing this all the time.

I hop into social media, go straight to travel photos and wish for two hours or more how nice it would be if I was the one travelling.

Watching beautiful sunsets, soaking some sun by the beach and having exotic dishes *sigh*.

I don’t do this at work ofcourse but you get the idea?

 12. You secretly work on your biz

If you’ve already started working on your online business like me then you are probably guilty of this.

After you finish your major tasks or the boss steps out, you already have tabs open that you quickly work on.

You steal every moment you can which is good and also a super obvious sign that you are ready to quit your job.

13. Your performance is getting worse

I work in customer service, so this for me was so easy to spot.

Your performance just keeps going down, you stop getting as excited as you used to be.

The only time you get excited is when you leave the office to go out and do your own things.

And  you don’t seem that bothered about it as you used to be when you started working with the company.

 14. You are just staying to pay the bills

Lastly, you are just there to pay the bills.

If you didn’t have to worry about money, I know 100% you’d be out there living life on your own terms.

Which is exactly how your life should be.

Bottom line

When I started seeing the signs that it was time to seriously consider quitting my job, I started preparing.

Which I recommend you do as well.

I’m not big on making unplanned decisions especially when it comes to your life.

See the signs and start strategizing

Take action

So what now?

From here, you’ve probably realized that you have to start preparing.

But if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry that’s what I’m here for.

Since I’m transitioning from my 9 – 5 as well, you can expect a series of actionable tips that will help you move through each step.

First, you decide to quit, then create an escape plan and get to work on that plan.

So be sure to subscribe below to never miss an update and leave you comments, tell me what you thought.

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