Fear: Getting Over it and Finally Making Dreams Come True

Fear: Getting Over it and Finally Making Dreams Come True

Fear is a destructive thing.

It makes you question everything about yourself.

And worst of all, it makes you give up on your own hopes and dreams.

Origin Story

Hi there, I’m Virginia.

This is officially the first post that I’m going to put out into the world.

Not because the blog is new, but because I’ve been procrastinating on working on this blog for about a year now.

So far I’ve failed twice in my attempt to start a blog business.

Not because there is no success in starting a blog business, but because fear was holding me back.

Fear of failing again was crushing my desire to go after my dream of owning an online business.

How my dream started

My dream to be my own boss was inspired by my parents who to date have never been employed by anyone.

I grew up watching them start a new business every few years and it always intrigued me.

And I found myself always coming up with business ideas that I imagined would be successful.

Although most of them failed miserably, my greatest hit was the junk food business I owned in high school.

It was my first ever actual business.

You see, I went to a boarding school.

And most times we always burnt through the snacks we carried by the end of the first two weeks.

Which meant that by the end of the month, there was high demand for anyone who could supply any type of snack.

And although all my goods were unreasonably expensive, my schoolmates didn’t seem to mind.

It was an amazing thing that proved that I could actually succeed as a business owner just like my parents.

Throughout college, I tried my hand at other various businesses like;

  • Owning a beauty salon – I actually know how to do hair
  • Food business – I cooked at home and made deliveries
  • Chicken business – a venture we started with my mother
  • Transport business – another venture with my mother where we dropped off kids to their schools

The dream-chasing begins

But all these ventures never really lived up to the freedom that I wanted.

How would I be able to fulfill my dream of traveling the world if my business required me to be in one place all the time?

And just like a sign from the universe, I came across a YouTube video of a couple who traveled full time with money they made online.

From there my whole outlook on how businesses are made took a complete turn.

Why would anyone pass up the opportunity of building something that was location independent?

Since then I’ve tried to make money with;

  • Surveys
  • Web design services
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Personal assistance

Fear steps in

I don’t know if you are familiar with something we all famously do when we are scared, self sabotaging.

After about two years of trying all these things, I had started gaining some trust from clients.

And most of them were referring me to their friends meaning that business was doing very good.

But when fear takes a root in your mind, you just start spiraling.

I started thinking of how at any moment I could lose all my sources of income and all the efforts I had made would just go to waste.

So I convinced myself that I should put backups in place for when the money stops coming in.

These are the things I did;

  • Took out all my savings for an investment that turned out to be a con
  • Started two new blogs back to back thinking I’d scale quicker and supplement my income

I failed at both.

Giving up and finding a comfort zone

And I did what any sane person would do, I gave up.

My giving up came with me finding a job and putting my entrepreneurial ventures on hold.

And I’ve been in this comfort zone for about 4 years now convincing myself that I wasn’t ready.

But the universe came to my rescue again last year when I came across Paul Scrivens’s blog obstacle.co

And the dream came alive again and though I’ve been sort of inconsistent with working on this blog, I always just go back to his lessons and start again.

This time, no matter how long it takes I’ve promised myself to work on this business until it brings in a better payday than what I make at my day job.

No matter how long it will take me, I’ll see it through.

Not only for myself, but for people who will stumble on my blog looking for inspiration and a direction.

You can check out this free blogging masterclass if you are interested in building a business of your own.

What fear taught me

1. Failure is inevitable

In entrepreneurship, failure is part of the process.

And even though it’s painful to fail at something, you get to learn from it which is a great gift.

Failure will come but it doesn’t last long.

You have to learn how to dust yourself off, put on a brave face and keep going.

2. Don’t get comfortable

I love my comfort zones and if given a choice, I’d prefer to stay there forever.

But the problem with a comfort zone, you never grow.

You’ll be the same if not worse when you first got there.

For growth to happen, if you have ambitious dreams that you are not afraid to make happen, get out of your comfort zone.

Do those hard things that need to be done and in the end it will all pay off.

3. Fear is as big as you allow it

Fear is just your mind overthinking scenarios that may never come true.

And it is made up of everything you keep telling yourself.

Do you believe you can achieve all your dreams?

Or have you convinced yourself that you are one of the unlucky people who never get anything good?

It’s important that you watch how you speak to yourself, what you make yourself believe can be the main reason to most of your failures.

4. Believe in your dream

When it comes to your dream, no one will believe it more than you.

In my case, most people I tell about building an online business can’t seem to understand why someone would waste their time on it.

But because I’ve seen people like Melyssa Griffin, Nesha Woolery, Paul Scrivens, and even Elna Cain build successful businesses from scratch, I’m convinced it can happen.

So no one but you will believe it and that’s totally okay.

You just keep your head down and keep working on making it happen so that one day you can show them how you did it.

5. Have a mentor

One of the best things you can do is find a mentor who will help you keep your eyes on the final outcome you want for your business.

And you don’t have to actually hire a mentor, you can simply find someone online.

Someone who maybe owns a similar business to what you want to own and follow them.

So that every time you feel like giving up, just go to your online mentor and remind yourself why you even decided to start on you business in the first place.

6. What is your why?

Simon Sinek was the guy who came up with the idea of having a why.

And this is one of the most powerful things anyone can have in their life.

Why do you do the things you do? Why do you want to start that business?

Because when you have a why, even when you lack the motivation you will still go out there and work on your dreams.

And finding mine helped me get out of my comfort zone and start working on my online business.

To find your why just take a moment and think about why you do the things that you do and watch the video from Sinek.

Your life will change for the better.

Fear never wins

Bottom line is that you should never allow fear to hold you back from going after your dreams.

You dreams are not far fetched, they are possible and if I can face mine, so can you.

Everything you have ever dreamed of can come true, you just have to stop being afraid and go get it.

Take action

Fear is one thing that holds back most of us and in most cases we always end up paralyzed by it.

But when your dream is too big to ignore, you shouldn’t let fear hold you back.

Let me know how fear has been holding you back below and be sure to subscribe to receive equally great weekly posts.

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