How To Pick a Domain Name You Won’t Regret In 2020

How To Pick a Domain Name You Won't Regret In 2020 graphic

A domain name is the name of your business.

People interested in visiting your blog business will type it into Google to get to it.

It’s one of the first things you need to find before even creating your blog.

And if you are just starting out, you may wonder where exactly you should start.

There a lot of things to consider but don’t panick.

This post will give you some tips you can use to choose your very first domain name.

Because I have been where you are and I was so worried about what name to use.

Do I use my own name?

Or do I just settle for one then change it later?

So let’s look at those tips.

Tip 1: Make it Simple

I’ve seen a ton of difficult website names.

Some I don’t remember even if I try, it was just too complicated.

To keep people coming to your blog, it’s great if they can think of your blog name and remember it immediately.

You want your readers to be able to get to your helpful content as fast as they need it.

Tip 2: Make it intuitive

Think of a few blogs that you visit.

Do the domain names make it easy to guess what the owner of the website does?

For example, for this blog, I’m targeting corporate people who want to quit their jobs and become digital nomads.

Hence, striving nomad.

I want every person that visits the blog to get an idea of what I’m all about just from the name of the business.

And that’s something you should aim for as well.

Tip 3: Make it brandable

Are you building a brand from the start?

It has to be so something you can brand later on.

Especially if you want to make the blog a full-time business later on.

It will mean that you can use it for your social media accounts, email address and so much more.

Tip 4: Avoid using numbers

Numbers, underscores, hyphens or any other special character is a definite NO.

I’m sure you’ve seen sites that use the special characters as their domain name.

And normally even though the content is good, the website always seems sketchy to me.

I was aiming to have a name that my readers can trust.

So keep in mind that as you choose your biz name.

Tip 5: Research Your Domain

I did a ton of research before settling on the name for this blog.

And that’s what you should do as well.

As much as these tips are great, some work is required from your part.

Take a look at your favorite blogs.

See which domains they are using and take some notes.

And to find out if your domain name is available you can use namevine.

Namevine Snapshot

It will help you look across the web and make your search easier.

And create a consistent online presence.

Tip 6: Make sure your name is not trademarked

Do not get yourself in a legal lawsuit.

I cannot begin to imagine how terrible it would feel to lose business I’ve worked hard to achieve.

Even if it’s only one word being used.

Thus, do some serious research before you purchase your domain.

Just make sure no business uses it.

Tip 7: Pick the right Extension

You have to go with the .com extension.

Unless you really like the name and choose to go a different route like .co/.net/.biz

It will depend on the audience you want to attract.

A lot of people are more comfortable with the .com for domain names.

Which makes it the best option overall.

The next step after you pick a domain is to find yourself a hosting option.

We’ll talk about that in a different post, so keep a lookout for it.

Take Action

Let me know if the post helped you figure out your domain name.

If not, let me know what didn’t work in the comments below.

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