Productivity: Day One of #100dayschallenge

Productivity: Day One of #100dayschallenge

Productivity is one of the main things I’m hoping to increase after this challenge is complete.

And since the first day of the challenge fell on my off day, you can imagine the amount of work I was able to do.

You would think so, but, I kinda got distracted a lot…

The main goal for today was to set up my social media accounts.

And I spent the good part of my morning working on them.

  • I deleted my Instagram account
  • Twitter got deleted too
  • Created a Facebook page and group
  • Updated my Quora profile and Reddit
  • Updated Pinterest and LinkedIn

Why I deleted my social accounts

I believe in performing deep work and all these social media accounts are really making me feel overwhelmed.

They are just so much to handle for a single person trying to focus on building a business.

And my mission is to help people solve problems, so it makes more sense to focus on just a few.

  • Quora – to answer questions
  • Reddit – to find answers
  • Facebook – for community building
  • Pinterest – for traffic
  • Linkedin – to connect with professionals

To increase Productivity

Raise your hand if you get distracted easily 🙋‍♀️

You sit down to do one thing and after about 30 mins you have 10 tabs open already.

And I always keep chacking my phone which doesn’t really help.

But one thing that I learned today was that my problem is that I don’t plan specific tasks that I want to do for that day.

Hence, the getting distracted easy.

But good news, I found an app that will help me plan out everything in just one sitting.

It’s called Notion, it was recommended by the slack community I’m part of.

And boy I’m I loving it, it even has a journal section, you can take a look and let me know what you think.

I won’t be needing a bunch of apps, this one will do just great.

What went well

A bunch of things went really well today and I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep this momentum going throughout the challenge.

  • Narrowed down my business needs
  • Made plans for the week
  • Created a list of blog posts to work on
  • Social media strategy established
  • Added new blog posts for my January Archives, one post left and I’ll move to February 🥳

Here is the list of posts that I have published today;

What I plan to improve

Right now my productivity is what concerns me.

I’m working full time and being able to use the after-work hours effectively will have a huge impact on my blog.

So this week’s main agenda is to increase productivity.

Take Action

Be sure to let me know if you are taking the challenge in the comment section.

And if not, what’s stopping you?

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2 thoughts on “Productivity: Day One of #100dayschallenge”

  1. These are great steps! I only use a few social media sites for my business and it helps so much more to be consistent at a couple than to try and manage 5-66.

    • Thanks, Mariam! I’m glad you stopped by and I totally agree, it’s better to simplify so that you can focus on what’s important without spreading yourself too thin.


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