“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” — Suze Orman

Do you want to live a worry-free life?

There’s a good chance you’ve thought about quitting your 9 – 5 a couple of times.

And these reasons probably sound familiar;

  • The feeling of being trapped and stuck is driving you nuts
  • Waking up to an alarm clock has gotten tiresome
  • Living paycheck to paycheck is becoming frustrating
  • Having to wait for your vacation days to travel is becoming a pain
  • Constantly chugging coffee to survive the boredom has become second nature
  • The desire to have more than freedom has become something you constantly dream of

At this point, you would jump on any opportunity that will help you escape all that.

But where would a total beginner like yourself even start from?

Do you quit you 9 – 5 first and hope for the best?

Or do you strategically put plans in motion?

Welcome to StrivingNomad

I’m here to help you start strategically putting plans in motion that will help you escape the 9 – 5 for good.

Entrepreneur behind StrivingNomad

Virginia Ndirangu - Finances Blogger


I’m Virginia, an entrepreneur in pursuit of complete financial freedom.

I’ve failed a number of times in my quest to become a location-independent entrepreneur.

I’ve had months where I could barely afford a few grocery items and times where I lost businesses I thought had immense potential.

But one thing I pride myself in is that I always persevere and make tough decisions that act as a stepping stone to where I’m going.

Like the decision to go back to a 9 – 5 to make sure the bills get paid and have funds to finance my side hustles.

And if you have landed here, it’s safe to say that you are in the same boat as I am.

You are not afraid to face the reality as it is.

No 9 – 5 lasts forever, one day you will be shown the door.

And you cannot have control over when that happens.

But what you can do is to make strategic decisions that will help you out of the 9 – 5.

How I will help you

My mission is to help ambitious women(that’s you) escape the 9 – 5 by taking control of their finances and building successful online businesses.

You’ll get to live life on your own terms as you’ve always wanted.

Free to spend more time with your family, do charitable work or even travel the world.

These are the areas we’ll cover;

  1. Take control of your finances and make your money work for you
  2. Start a successful online business while working full time
  3. Improve your productivity for enhanced performance

Together we will work our way out of the 9 – 5, attain financial freedom and become the boss women we’ve always dreamed of.

Now the question is, are you ready to take the strategic steps needed to get you closer to your financial goals?

I’ll take that as a yes! Subscribe for weekly tips, training and much more awesome stuff!

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