9 Things That You Actually Need To Start A Blog Business

Is starting a blog really worth your time?

You’ve probably read the income reports of some blogs.

And even witnessed how lives have been changed for the better.

This has in turn made you also want a piece of the action.

But you have no idea how these things go down.

Is there a criteria I should meet? 

I’m gonna say, kinda, but it doesn’t require expertise.

It’s just some basic things that will help you lay a good foundation before you start on your blog business.

I overlooked most of them the first two times when I attempted to create a successful blog.

And boy did I fail, miserably.

Which is something that I would not wish on anyone.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

1. A Laptop & Reliable Internet

Uhmm, duh Virginia, I know this.

I can imagine you already have access to both.

But just for the sake of this post, bear with me.

It deserves a mention because having access to both will make your business easier to create.

And no, I don’t recommend using your phone even though it can be done.

The problem is that a blog requires a lot of learning plus research.

And your blog posts need thorough edits before they are put out into the world.

With a phone that’s not going to be a lot of ground to cover with such a small screen.

So get your hands on a laptop.

And of course, have reliable internet access.

It doesn’t have to be blazing fast (fast internet is great), you just need it to work well enough for all the tasks you need to perform.

2. Right Mindset

Our mind is our greatest asset.

It allows us to perform a lot of things thought impossible a few years ago and the more information that comes out the better we get.

But our minds can also be our greatest obstacle.

How we view the world and ourselves often determines whether we will succeed in something or not.

Which is why at the beginning you need to think through launching a blog business and prepare your mind.

Do you believe that you can make it work?

This will help you not defeat yourself by default.

Because you are what you think you are.

3. Time

Start a blog business will require a good amount of your time to make it work.

And you cannot simply choose to work on your business whenever you get the time.

If you intend to eventually make money from your blog, then allocating a specific amount of time every day will be ideal to make your dream come true.

Just take a look at your schedule, what time do you wake up? What time do you get back home from work?

Once you figure that out, make it an uninterrupted moment where you get to work on your blog business.

And do it consistently until you get the results that you are hoping for.

4. Research

Research is unavoidable, if you dislike it, you will probably have a hard time getting started.

Before starting a blog, a lot of research needs to take place.

From figuring out your audience, niche, and even the blogging platform you intend to use.

The type of content you will be writing about will require you to make thorough research to understand the topic and relay it to your readers.

The best thing about this is that the better you research the more your audience can learn from you.

5. Patience

As with any business, blogging takes time to get the results that you want to see.

It just doesn’t happen overnight.

There will be months of work involved as you lay the proper foundation for your blog business.

You’ll require patience as you start building your email list as well as when you expect traffic to your site and nothing happens.

But in the end, if you did things right, it will all pay off and you might be the next blogger with a life-changing success story.

6. Be ready to invest

Aside from investing your time, you’ll actually need to spend money to grow your business.

From purchasing a domain and hosting to buying a theme or even hiring a web designer to help you build your blog business.

You might also require to purchase courses, books attend summits with other bloggers just to grow your business to what you want it to be.

Though there are a lot of free resources out there, just be ready to invest to make your business better.

7. Curiosity 

There are hundreds even thousands of information readily available online and even in libraries.

And one of the greatest things you can have in your arsenal is an unquenched curiosity that will constantly seek out this information.

The more you are able to learn, the more you will earn.

So get curious and start exploring all the information that’s readily available for you.

8. Comfort zone

Get ready to leave your comfort zone behind.

A blog business will turn your life upside down, it won’t be all bad but you’ll need to be prepared.

As an introvert, one thing for me is that I’ve had to interact more with people and actually started getting myself out there.

I’ve had to leave my comfort zone to make things happen and take my blog to the next level which has been both terrifying and exciting.

Even though you’ll be tempted to stay in your cocoon and just blog away alone, don’t.

There a reward that comes with interacting with other bloggers, you get to learn so much more than you knew before.

So be ready to get yourself out there.


There is a lot more that goes into creating a money-making blog business than this list.

But I believe that first, you need to get your mind affairs in order and get yourself ready for change.

Because you will have to make a lot of sacrifices to make your business wok.

Take Action

What was your key take away from this post?

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